Industrial Painting Company in Scarborough, Ontario

At Induspray, we set the standard for industrial painting services in Scarborough, Ontario. Our priority is our clients, and our comprehensive range of services covers large-scale interior and exterior painting, including large warehouses and various commercial buildings. We are committed to delivering lasting paint solutions that enhance the aesthetics and durability of your property. To ensure impeccable results, we offer specialized cleaning and painting services for areas prone to dirt and dust, resulting in a bright, rejuvenated appearance.

Specializing in large-scale spray painting metal deck ceilings, Induspray excels in:

Industrial Restoration & Painting Projects:

  • all types of industrial buildings
  • steel structures, cranes, bridges
  • water & sewage treatment plants
  • secondary containment tanks
  • chemical processing plants & refineries
  • manufacturing plants & factories
  • bulk storage tanks & silos
  • smoke stacks & high-heat stacks
  • machinery & manufacturing equipment

Commercial Painting Projects:

  • diverse commercial buildings
  • storage facilities & warehouses
  • arenas & entertainment venues
  • underground parking garages
  • apartment & condominium buildings

Refinishing & Repainting of All Surfaces:

  • ceilings, including metal deck ceilings
  • walls: concrete & cinder block
  • metal & steel roofs
  • window frames & flashing
  • epoxy floors, epoxy floor coatings
  • metal buildings & structural steel
  • concrete floors, including floor lines & markings
  • aluminum siding, metal/steel siding

Induspray ensures each project is handled with expertise and precision, regardless of its size or complexity. Our commitment to excellence guarantees optimal results tailored to meet your specific painting needs. Contact us today to get started with a zero-obligation price quote.


Surface Preparation & Painting Techniques

The key to a successful painting project lies in thorough surface preparation. At Induspray, we understand that achieving a clean, solid base is crucial for ensuring a durable and visually appealing finish. Proper preparation prevents future issues, and avoids unnecessary failures and the associated costs. Trust Induspray to get it right the first time. Our expertise in surface preparation distinguishes us as leaders in industrial painting. We employ various methods such as detergent cleaning, hot water washing, high-pressure washing, dry ice blasting, shot blasting, and more to prepare surfaces effectively.

Induspray’s painters are highly skilled in applying coatings using advanced techniques like high-volume airless spray painting. Each project is approached with careful consideration of the optimal method to achieve superior results. Our specialized contractors are committed to excellence in industrial painting in Scarborough and the GTA, handling challenging interior spaces and high-reach exterior areas with precision. Utilizing scissor lifts and booms, we ensure every part of your facility receives meticulous attention, while prioritizing safety and coating quality.

Industrial Paint & Coating Systems

Induspray utilizes a wide range of high-quality coatings tailored to specific requirements and budget considerations. Our selection includes: polyurethanes, high-adhesion coatings, urethanes, alkyd paints, acrylic latex paints, intumescent and fireproofing coatings, environmentally-friendly coatings, dryfall coatings, rust-inhibiting coatings, and slip-resistant coatings. We carefully plan each application to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness for our clients. When working on exterior projects, we take into account the potential inclement weather in Scarborough, Ontario (cold, snow, rain, heat, etc.), carefully selecting materials that can withstand the region’s challenging climate conditions.

Count on Induspray for expert guidance and superior results in industrial/commercial painting projects, where preparation and technical expertise make all the difference.


Commercial Painters / Industrial Painters in Scarborough

In Scarborough, Ontario, if you’re looking for the top commercial or industrial paint contractors, look no further than Induspray. Since 1975, we’ve accumulated a tremendous amount of experience that other industrial painters have not, and in a wide variety of different scenarios. Strong partnerships with suppliers and partners in the industry, skilled crews of expert painters, and efficient project managers come together to ensure that every project we take on is done right the first time, safely, and within the project timing.

Client List for Scarborough, Ontario

We have numerous local references that we can provide who have been pleased with our excellent work and great-value pricing. Within the Scarborough, Ontario area, Induspray has completed numerous commercial and industrial painting projects including: manufacturing plants, warehouses, factories, commercial and industrial buildings, storage silos and tanks, plus other project locations. A list of our local clients include:

  • AGS Automotive Systems
  • Toyota
  • Bell Canada
  • Rubbermaid

Industrial Painting Pricing & Costs

On an annual basis, we use vast quantities of paint, coatings, and other supplies while refinishing millions of square feet of surfaces on our various projects. Purchasing this paint and supplies on a high-volume basis allows us to obtain steeply discounted prices from vendors. Since supplies usually represent a significant portion of painting project costs, we’re able to pass these savings on to the clients who have entrusted us with their business.

If you have painting needs in Scarborough that Induspray can help you with, we hope that you will consider us. Upon reviewing and analyzing your requirements, we can provide the estimated costs and options available to you for your painting project, along with some valuable expert advice. A rep from Induspray can come in person to your project site in order to make a more in-depth recommendation, if required. These services are always completely free, and you are never under any obligation. Induspray looks forward to working with you to achieve your painting goals, contact us today!

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Scarborough, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local Scarborough ON service area includes all of Scarborough in its entirety.

“The Induspray crew worked through nights and weekends to meet our tight production schedule. The job was finished in a professional matter and exactly on time. All the preparation, painting, and cleaning up was done with skilled workers and quality materials. We absolutely recommend this painting contractor company for other jobs.”
"Very professional, timely and polite. We are very happy with the extra care given to surface cleaning and preparation, and it really shows in the end result. The new paint job makes such a big difference in the appearance of our entire factory. Thank you, it was well worth it."
"I would be delighted to recommend your firm to anyone looking for a professional painting company in the Scarborough area. Your efforts at our facility were top notch and the finished job leaves no room for improvement. The work proceeded on schedule and was always conducted in a safe manner. The working area was always left clean and organized so we were able to continue with our normal production with very little interference, as was promised. Overall, we're very pleased and thank you for a job well done."

Scarborough, Ontario Painters

Scarborough is located in eastern Toronto and within Southern Ontario. Home to a wide range of businesses and industries, including large manufacturing companies and warehouses, it has a population of approximately 650,000 people. It is serviced by several industrial and commercial painting contractor firms.