Refinishing/Painting of Aluminum Anodized & Factory-Painted Metal Window Frames on Buildings

Not only are faded or corroded metal and aluminum window frames unsightly, but they can become worthless very quickly if left unattended. Most window frames are made of aluminum and will corrode very quickly when unprotected by anodizing or paint. Window frame replacement is costly and intrusive to the occupants of the building.

Induspray is a leader in the field-application of finishes that are equivalent replacements to original long lasting factory paint finishes. With our premium finishes, the coatings are custom made for us and utilize the highest quality inorganic pigments and resins to provide long lasting, fade resistant performance.

An old, faded building can look like new! At a small fraction of the cost of replacement, this type of window frame restoration is often selected by owners as an effective, cost efficient alternative.

Technical Considerations

Horizontal window mullions tend to get more sun exposure and accumulate more dirt. Thus, abrasion and chemical resistance, high quality pigments, and the coating’s ability to withstand water-immersed conditions are all important. In the wintertime, if the frames are left uncleaned and wet from ice and snow, surface dirt occurring under the ice and snow can act like sandpaper, removing the protective factory paint finish and leaving the mullion with only a very thin film of paint for corrosion control. In addition, water accumulation on the window frame when left over 24 hours is considered an immersed condition, thus causing premature wear and failure if the coating is not designed with this in mind.

When planning to use dark colours for exterior use, make sure you use the highest quality paint you can afford. Higher quality paints will have the ability to withstand large temperature fluctuations better. This is an important issue since metal surfaces and especially window frames experience a lot of expansion and contraction due to seasonal and daily temperature fluctuations, particularly in the spring and fall seasons. Sun fading on dark-coloured painted surfaces will also be more visible, so the pigmentation quality of the paint must also be considered.

Medium and dark-coloured paints used on exteriors are worked extra hard. The average surface temperature of a medium or dark-coloured window frame exposed to the sun can be over 25 percent higher (50 degrees F) than for a light-coloured frame. This extra temperature gain is taxing on the paint coating, and will shorten its life when compared to a white or light-coloured surface. On metal surfaces there is a tremendous amount of expansion and contraction of the metal from the high temperature part of the day to low. Not only does the higher temperature wear out the paint finish in itself, but this daily temperature fluctuation forces the paint to elongate during the day and contract at night, thus causing extra wear.


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