Industrial Painting Contractors in Etobicoke, Ontario

Induspray Painting proudly serves Etobicoke, Ontario. Our industrial painting services encompass: large-scale interior and exterior restoration, cleaning, and painting of various industrial and commercial facilities, including warehouses and industrial buildings. Our licensed contractors ensure timely and budget-friendly project completion, handling jobs of any size. Large jobs are our specialty. We specialize in painting Q-decks and excel in the comprehensive cleaning and restoration of old commercial buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and more.

Industrial restoration & painting projects:

  • manufacturing plants, industrial facilities
  • chemical processing plants, refineries
  • factories, industrial buildings
  • machinery, manufacturing equipment
  • secondary containment tanks
  • smoke stacks, high-heat stacks
  • storage tanks, silos
  • bridges, cranes, steel structures
  • sewage & water treatment plants

Commercial painting projects:

  • commercial buildings
  • entertainment venues, arenas
  • storage buildings, warehouses
  • underground parking garages
  • condo/apartment buildings

Refinishing & painting of all surface types:

  • metal deck ceilings, ceilings
  • walls, concrete & cinder block walls
  • epoxy floor coatings, epoxy floors
  • roofs, metal/steel roofs
  • window frames, flashing
  • steel buildings, structural steel
  • aluminum siding, metal/steel siding
  • floor lines & markings, concrete floors


Painting Techniques & Surface Preparation

At Induspray, we aim to make your industrial painting project last as long as possible. Our experience shows that a clean surface at the time of paint application ensures optimal bonding. By guaranteeing a clean, well-adhering surface from the first coat of paint, we eliminate guesswork. We believe in doing it right the first time. Surface prep techniques include: chemical cleaning, sandblasting, power washing, micro abrasion, air blasting, and other advanced methods.

Our employees are trained in all forms of paint application methods, allowing us to quickly deliver the professional results you desire. Each painting procedure is carefully chosen to ensure the best outcome for your specific setting. Induspray’s industrial painting contractors serve Etobicoke and the surrounding areas, offering services to nearly all industrial and commercial site types, including high and difficult-to-reach places. Our expertise with lifts enables us to complete work at elevated locations, prioritizing safety and ensuring a job well done.

Industrial Paint Coating & Paint Systems

Induspray uses a variety of state-of-the-art paint coatings tailored to your specific needs to maximize value. We always employ the best painting practices, regardless of the scenario, and use a range of paints/coatings, including high-adhesive, epoxies, latex, oil-based, urethanes, polyurethanes, fireproofing, low-emission (low VOC) paints, non-slip coatings, intumescent coatings, dryfall paints, rust-specific coatings, and more. We guarantee the correct technique and materials will be applied to your project for the best adhesion and overall value.

Induspray completes exterior projects with proficiency, carefully taking into account the extreme weather conditions commonly experienced in Etobicoke and Southern Ontario. Additionally, we ensure that your industrial painting project is completed safely.


Etobicoke Commercial Painters / Industrial Painters

When searching for commercial painters and industrial paint contractors in Etobicoke, Ontario, Induspray is your ultimate choice. With over 40 years of experience in industrial and commercial painting, we can handle any project. Our focus is on employing highly skilled crew members, efficient project management, and a network of trusted partners and suppliers to ensure optimal results in a timely manner.

Etobicoke, Ontario Client List

Testimonials from satisfied clients are a testament to our reasonable prices and top-quality workmanship. We have completed a wide variety of painting projects in the Etobicoke area, including industrial buildings, warehouses, factories, manufacturing buildings, silos, and bulk storage tanks. Our references and client list, including local businesses includes:

  • Molson Coors
  • Deco Automotive
  • Venture Steel
  • Alumicor
  • Canada Bread

Pricing & Costs for Industrial/Commercial Painting

We repaint millions of square feet of surfaces annually, which allows us to purchase supplies in large quantities. This bulk purchasing power enables us to pass significant savings on to our customers. While the cost of materials is typically a major expense, our ability to offer top-quality paints and coating systems at lower prices results in reduced overall project costs.

When researching industrial painting companies for your upcoming project in Etobicoke, it’s important to consider all options, including cost. We are happy to assist by carefully assessing your needs and arranging a personal on-site meeting if/as necessary. We will provide professional recommendations and a cost estimate tailored to your job requirements. This estimate is completely free of charge, and we hope that you will allow Induspray to earn your business.

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Etobicoke, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local Etobicoke, Ontario service area includes Greater Etobicoke including Islington, Rexdale, Eatonville, Humber Bay, Lakeshore, and more.

“If you require a reference in Etobicoke, just let me know. It was a pleasure working with you, and the work crew (they were excellent). Thank you again Andy.”
"It's refreshing to see a painting contractor that actually shows up on time these days. From our initial phone consult to your site visit with me, I felt that you not only knew exactly what you were talking about, but also cared about our needs and getting the job done according to schedule. That's exactly what happened, and you definitely delivered on all counts."
"This is just a note of appreciation for the repainting work on our dip tank room ceiling. I cannot believe how effective the rust and dirt cleaning treatments were. The new paint looks superb and we could not be happier with the results. Thank you."

Etobicoke, Ontario Painters

Etobicoke, ON is located just southwest of downtown Toronto in Southern Ontario. It has a population of roughly 385,000 and is home to numerous industries and businesses. The area is serviced by Induspray several other painting contractors.