Industrial Painting Contractors in Oakville, Ontario

If you have a facility such as a factory, warehouse, manufacturing plant, or commercial or industrial building that needs a major overhaul on the interior or exterior, you need to contact a specialized painting contractor. Induspray is a company which offers industrial painting services throughout the Oakville, Ontario region. As skilled painting contractors, we are professionals at what we do. Induspray has a team of painters who work safely and take on larger tasks head on. Regardless of whether the facility needs painting or coating on the exterior or interior, Induspray can take easily care of it. We focus on preparing buildings, and any old, dirty and contaminated facility is met as a challenge that we can conquer. We also specialize in the spray painting of galvanized metal deck ceilings.

Industrial restoration and painting projects:

  • industrial buildings – our specialty
  • chemical processing plants, refineries
  • secondary containment tanks
  • smoke stacks, high-heat stacks
  • manufacturing plants, factories
  • storage silos, storage tanks
  • steel structures, bridges, cranes
  • water & sewage treatment plants
  • machines, manufacturing equipment

Commercial painting projects:

  • commercial buildings – any type
  • arenas, entertainment venues
  • warehouses, storage facilities
  • underground parking garages
  • apartment/condominium buildings

Painting and refinishing of all surfaces:

  • ceilings, metal deck ceilings
  • floors, epoxy floors, epoxy coatings
  • concrete floors, floor lines & markings
  • aluminum siding, metal/steel siding
  • roofs, steel/metal roofs
  • window frames, flashing
  • walls, concrete & cinder block walls
  • metal buildings, structural steel


Painting & Surface Prep Techniques

A solid, clean surface underneath an area that is to be painted is always required, and hence should be properly prepared. Suitable surface preparation must be utilized in order for paints and coatings to stick to the surface correctly. If this is not done, the job will surely fail over time and will require being done over which can increase the overall project costs in order to fix it. Induspray strongly believes the job should be done right the first time, and takes the necessary steps in order to make sure the surface is ready for painting or coating. A number of techniques are utilized, depending upon the situation, to prepare the surface for the coating stage. Some of these methods include: aggregate blasting, solvent cleaning, hot water washing, mechanically shot blasting surfaces, CO2 cleaning, abrasion, high-pressure water washing, steam cleaning and others.

Induspray’s team of professionally-trained and skilled painters all have the experience needed in order to apply coatings properly, and one of the methods that they are especially knowledgeable in is airless spray painting. Depending on each project scenario, painting techniques are carefully planned in order to provide optimum completion. As industrial painting professionals, we work in Oakville in many industrial sites which may include interiors that have areas that are difficult to reach or exteriors which are high. Induspray’s painting crews utilize appropriate access equipment in order to safely and effectively complete any painting or coating project at all our job sites.

Industrial Paint & Coating Systems

High-performance coatings and paint are all that we use at Induspray, and we have a large array to select from. We determine which is best for each job based upon its length of wear and tear, the environmental conditions of area where it will be applied, and the budget of the customer. Upon analysis of the project, we choose from a variety of which type to use including: latex coatings, alkyd coatings, epoxies, urethanes, enamels, polyurethanes, high-adhesion coatings, quick-dry paints, slip-resistant coatings, LEEDS-certified coatings, and rust-inhibiting coatings. We choose the paint system for the job that will have the best performance, while also being cost effective. We carefully analyze the situation further for exterior projects which must stand up to the sometimes harsh climate in Oakville.


Oakville Industrial Painters / Commercial Painters

As a reliable choice for commercial and industrial painting projects in Oakville, Induspray has been in business and serving the area since 1975. Over that time, we have accumulated extensive experience in various industrial painting scenarios through numerous projects, giving our painting crews the knowledge of what to do and how to do it right. Through the use of effective managers who oversee the projects, our professional painters, and a tight network of suppliers and partners in the industry, we make sure that each project is successfully completed and in a timely fashion.

Our Clients in Oakville, Ontario

At Induspray, since we have completed so many commercial and industrial painting jobs, we have built up a large and enviable portfolio of satisfied clients. Their personal testaments about our work quality and budget-friendly prices on projects have helped us to maintain a strong reputation and grow our business. We can provide local references for Oakville, ON as required, covering various industrial and commercial painting projects including warehouses, large factories, manufacturers, industrial buildings, silos, storage tanks, commercial venues, warehousing facilities, and more. The following is a list of some of our local clients:

  • Ford Canada
  • GE Water & Process
  • Mancor Automotive
  • Petro Canada

Industrial Painting Pricing & Costs

With the large volume of work that we do while refinishing millions of square feet with paint and coatings annually, our costs end up being significantly lower than those of our competition. That’s because we buy such large volumes of supplies and can secure the lowest possible wholesale pricing with suppliers. This is good news for our customers, since we pass much of these savings on to them, resulting in lower total costs.

When you’re searching for someone in the Oakville area to do a painting project, and are comparing the costs and evaluating your options, please include Induspray. One of our representatives will happily answer any questions regarding your project requirements, and will also visit your job site if needed. From there, we will make an educated cost estimate and provide you with sound recommendations to designed best meet your project needs. These services are always free and without obligation.

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Oakville, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local Oakville ON service area includes Greater Oakville plus Bronte Creek and Glen Abbey located in the Halton Region, Ontario.

“Yes I would be happy to recommend Induspray to anyone that is looking for a reference. Please have them e-mail me first, and I will make arrangements to speak on the phone. It was a pleasure working with you, perhaps we will meet again. Thank you very much and please pass this on to your team of painters.”
"A perfect project: nicely executed and no mess left behind. You are our new painting contractor of choice and can expect to hear back from us in the future."
"We truly appreciate the superb epoxy floors and freshly painted walls and ceilings that your painting team has provided in our Oakville manufacturing facility. From the first jobsite walk-through, your attentiveness and responsiveness showed that we were working with a first class company. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Painters in Oakville, Ontario

Oakville is located in the southern Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario. It has a population of approximately 195,000 and is home to numerous businesses, industries and manufacturing firms. The area is serviced by several industrial/commercial painting contractors.