Industrial Painting Contractors in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

With services offered in the Kitchener, Ontario area, Induspray is a company that specializes in industrial painting. Induspray is a professional painting contractor company and uses experienced crews that focus on the restoration, painting, and cleaning of older commercial and industrial building spaces. Our services have given a facelift to the interior and exteriors of numerous factories, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and warehouses. We pride ourselves in taking on the big projects, and accept restoring older and unsound facilities as a challenge. The dirtier, greasier and more worn out, the better! We also offer expert spray painting of fluted metal decks.

Industrial painting and restoration projects:

  • industrial buildings – all types & sizes
  • factories , manufacturing plants
  • secondary containment tanks
  • smoke stacks, high-heat stacks
  • silos, storage tanks
  • machinery, manufacturing equipment
  • refineries, chemical processing plants
  • steel structures, bridges, cranes
  • water & sewage treatment plants

Commercial painting projects:

  • commercial buildings – all types & sizes
  • arenas, entertainment venues
  •  storage facilities, warehouses
  • apartment/condo buildings
  • underground parking garages

Painting and refinishing of all surfaces:

  • ceilings, metal deck ceilings
  • walls, concrete & cinder block walls
  • metal buildings, structural steel
  • epoxy floor coatings , epoxy floors
  • concrete floors, floor lines & markings
  • aluminum siding, metal/steel siding
  • roofs, metal/steel roofs
  • metal window frames, flashing


Painting Techniques & Surface Preparation

When completing an industrial or commercial painting project, the final results will only be good when the surface underneath is properly prepared so that the coating or paint will effectively stick and cover the surface. It is important to have a solid surface that has been prepared with cleanliness in mind. If the surface is not well prepared, ultimately the job will be a failure and the results will not be as expected, thereby leading to higher costs in order to have it redone correctly. Induspray takes great care to make sure that it is done right the first time, and uses numerous methods in different situations in order to perform the surface prep in order to get ready to paint or coat the surface. Some of the techniques that we use to properly clean the surfaces and are considered include: high pressure washing, hot water washing, abrasion, cryogenic cleaning, metal bead blasting, aggregate blasting, solvent cleaning, and others.

Induspray’s team of professional industrial painting contractors are skilled and trained in utilizing all different methods of applying coatings and paint, including industrial airless spray-painting. When choosing the technique(s) to use for each situation, we consider things carefully so as to end up with the optimal result. Induspray crews work in a variety of industrial situations all through Kitchener, Ontario, and have the ability to get to hard-to-access interior and tall exterior target points. We utilize scissor lifts and mechanized booms in order to reach particularly hard to get to spots, and do it with great care so it is done correctly and safely.

Industrial Paint & Coating Systems

There are a wide variety of paints and coating systems that we use in our projects, and we ensure that they are all high-performing. We always keep in mind the customer’s budget, the application area specific to each project, and the required longevity of the coating. Taking each unique situation in mind, some of the coating options we use include: enamels, urethanes, polyurethanes, high-adhesion coatings, enhanced traction paints, epoxies, green paints, corrosion inhibiting coatings, quick dry coatings, acrylic latex paints, and oil based paints. To maximize the performance of the coating and to help customers get the best price, we make sure to consider each technique and coating system carefully. While working in Kitchener and Southern Ontario, we also take into account the harsh weather conditions when planning and executing exterior jobs.


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Kitchener Industrial Painters / Commercial Painters

In Kitchener, Ontario, if you’re looking for top commercial or industrial paint contractors, look no further than Induspray. Since 1975, we have accumulated a tremendous amount of experience that other industrial painters have not, and in a variety of different scenarios. Strong partnerships with suppliers and partners in the industry, skilled crews of expert painters, and efficient project managers all combine to ensure that every project we take on is done right the first time, safely, and within the estimated time frame.

Our Client List for Kitchener, Ontario

We have numerous local references that we can provide who have been pleased with our excellent work and great-value pricing. Within the Kitchener area, Induspray has completed a number of industrial and commercial painting projects including warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, commercial and industrial buildings, storage silos and tanks, plus other worksites. A list of our local clients include:

  • Schneiders
  • Lear Corp
  • HOGG Fuel
  • Research in Motion

Industrial Painting Prices & Costs

On an annual basis, we use vast quantities of paint, coatings, and other supplies while refinishing millions of square feet of surfaces on our various projects. Purchasing this paint and supplies on a high-volume basis allows us to obtain steeply discounted prices from the vendors. Since supplies usually represent a significant portion of job costs, we are able to pass these significant savings on to the clients who have entrusted us with their business.

If you have painting needs in Kitchener that Induspray can help you with, we hope that you will consider us. Upon reviewing and analyzing your requirements, we can provide the estimated costs and options available to you for your painting project, along with our valuable expert advice. A representative from Induspray can even come in person to your project site in order to make a more in-depth recommendation, if that is required. These services are always completely free, and you are under no obligation. Induspray looks forward to working with you to achieve your painting goals.

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Kitchener, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local Kitchener/Waterloo service area includes Greater Kitchener and Waterloo plus Baden, Breslau, Elmira, Hespeler, New Hamburg and Preston located in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario.

“After a long search around Waterloo, we chose Induspray because they seemed to have the best combination of experience, reputation, and low pricing. They were priced about 20% lower than the next competitor's quote, and we're completely satisfied with the work. Would use them again if we ever need more painting done.”
"Induspray Inc. just finished sandblasting and epoxy painting our loading dock support beams, plus painting all of our steell siding. The project was finished in a timely and efficient manner. We are pleased to recommend them for their quality of work, professionalism and cost-effective pricing."
"I'm definitely impressed by your recent work painting our Kitchener ON warehouse location. Everything about the job went smoothly, and we are highly pleased with the end result. Not only is our facility cleaner and brighter, but it makes it brighter and safer."

Painters in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

The adjoining cities of Kitchener and Waterloo ON are located west of Toronto in Southern Ontario. They are often referred to as a single entity, “Kitchener-Waterloo”. Combined, they boast a diverse population of approximately 335,000 and are home to numerous businesses and industries, including manufacturing and especially technology companies. The area is serviced by several painting contractors.