Industrial Painting Contractors in Markham, Ontario

Induspray, the leading commercial painting experts serving Markham, Ontario, excels in providing industrial painting services with a strong, client-first approach. Our comprehensive offerings encompass large-scale interior and exterior painting for warehouses, industrial buildings and equipment, and various commercial structures. Our primary objective is to ensure durable, long-term paint/coatings solutions for buildings and other structures. To achieve this, we provide cleaning and painting services for any areas prone to dirt or dust, delivering a distinct, crisp appearance characteristic of Induspray’s industrial painting expertise. Induspray specializes in the spray painting of large steel/metal deck ceilings.

We undertake a wide array of industrial painting & restoration projects, including:

  • industrial buildings — all types
  • machinery & manufacturing equipment
  • manufacturing plants & factories
  • silos & storage tanks
  • steel structures, bridges, cranes
  • water & sewage treatment plants
  • secondary containment tanks
  • smoke stacks & high-heat stacks
  • chemical processing plants & refineries

Additionally, our commercial painting projects encompass:

  • diverse types of commercial buildings
  • storage facilities & warehouses
  • arenas & entertainment venues
  • underground parking garages
  • apartment & condominium buildings

We specialize in painting and refinishing all surfaces, such as:

  • metal buildings & structural steel
  • ceilings & metal deck ceilings
  • concrete walls, cinder block walls
  • concrete floors, including floor lines & markings
  • aluminum siding & metal/steel siding
  • metal/steel roofs
  • window frames & flashing
  • epoxy floors & epoxy floor coatings

Induspray guarantees quality results where no project is too big or small, ensuring each client benefits from our expertise and commitment to excellence in providing industrial and commercial painting services.


Surface Preparation & Painting Techniques

At Induspray, we want your industrial painting project to last as long as possible. Our experience indicates that a good, clean surface at the time of the application of paint ensures an optimal bonding surface for paint to ahere to. Guesswork is taken out of the process by providing a clean, well-adhering surface originating in the first coat of paint. We believe in doing it right the first time. Creating a smooth, clean surface may be achieved by using sandblasting, power washing, micro abrasion, air blasting, and other advanced techniques.

Because our employees are trained in all forms of paint application methods, we can quickly give you the results you desire. Individual painting procedures are diligently decided upon to bring out the best results for your setting. Induspray’s industrial painting contractors perform projects throughout the Markham area. Induspray offers industrial painting services to nearly all industrial site types, including high and difficult-to-reach places. Competence in using lifts allows us to complete any area that is up high in your work site. Safety is taken very seriously by our team and we always ensure that a job is well done.

Industrial Paint & Coating Systems

Induspray implements various advanced paint coatings appropriate for your exclusive objective and to maximize value. The best painting practices will always be performed regardless of the scenario. We may use paints/coatings that are epoxies, latex, fireproof, oil-based, high-adhesive, urethanes, polyurethanes, low emissions (low VOC), dryfall paints, rust-specific coatings, non-slip coatings, and others. Induspray guarantees the correct technique applied to your project for the best adhesion, and for overall bang for your buck. Induspray completes exterior projects with proficiency, and we carefully consider the extreme weather conditions in Markham and Southern Ontario (cold, snow, heat, etc.). In addition, Induspray will complete your industrial painting project safely.


Markham Industrial Painting Service / Commercial Painters

Induspray stands out as a leading industrial and commercial painting contractor, annually completing projects spanning millions of square feet across Southern Ontario, including Markham. With roots dating back to 1975, our extensive expertise in industrial painting enables us to meet the diverse needs of any painting project. Our success is rooted in efficient project management, skilled painters, and a strong network of partners and suppliers, ensuring each project is executed flawlessly, on schedule, and within budget.

Client List for Markham, Ontario:

Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation in the industry based on exceptional workmanship and competitive pricing. The consistently positive feedback from our clients is testament to our commitment to excellence. Previous projects throughout the Markham area have included heavy and light industrial facilities, warehouses, storage tanks, factories, manufacturing plants, silos, and various commercial buildings. We invite you to review our references. Our list of local Markham clients includes:

  • Miller Group
  • ITW
  • Magna Pullmatic
  • Ford Electronics
  • Johnson Controls

Industrial Painting Pricing & Costs:

Induspray covers over a million square feet annually, necessitating the purchase of significant quantities of paint and supplies. By purchasing materials directly and in bulk, we minimize total project costs significantly, the largest portion of which typically relates to supplies and materials. These savings are passed on to our clients, ensuring cost-effective solutions.

If you’re in search of an industrial painting contractor in Markham and wish to explore pricing and options tailored to your project, our team is ready to assist. We’ll assess your project requirements, discuss your needs, and arrange site visits as necessary. You’ll receive a detailed written estimate and expert guidance — completely free of charge and obligation. Contact us today to start discussing your project needs. We’re here to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

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Markham, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local Markham, Ontario service area includes all of Markham, Unionville, Buttonville and Greensborough in York Region.

“Having used Induspray on more than one occasion now, I can attest to their expert painters, safe working methods, tight project management and low pricing. They've always followed through on what was promised and we have never been disappointed. I would recommend them as a painting contractor to anyone in Markham.”
"We truly appreciate the incredible epoxy floors your painting team has provided in our production area and warehouse. From the first jobsite walk-through, your attentiveness and responsiveness showed that we were working with a grade A company. I look forward to working with you again in the future."
"The refinishing work on our stamping line was excellent. The presses look nearly new now, more so that we had expected. We will definitely keep you in mind for our next painting project."

Markham, Ontario Painters

With a population of approximately 350,000, Markham ON is located in the northeast corner of the GTA in Southern Ontario. It’s home to countless businesses and industries, including heavy and light manufacturers, offices, high tech, plus warehousing/distribution. Several industrial painting companies service the area, including the leader Induspray.