Painting/Painters of Floor Lines & Floor Markings in Warehouses & Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities

Markings in a warehouse are a tough thing to get done, and even tougher to get done properly. Make sure you retain a line painting contractor with a proven track record of doing quality layouts and installation of warehouse lines. All painters think they can do lines, but few really can deliver the goods. Imagine how effectively your facility will function when the complete floor area is marked out to allow an efficient flow. No worries about product being put where it doesn’t belong… everything has its place, so there are no excuses. Production flow will increase, and safety will improve.

What type of lines should I put down? As warehouse line painting contractors, we get this question all the time. It usually boils down to what you are willing to spend to get the job done, and how long you want the lines to last. To sum it up, the word is “value”.

There are 3 basic systems available, which can be referred to as temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent — realizing of course that permanent really depends upon what is done to the lines and how much abuse they get. Abuse would refer to something like a lift operator pushing a steel bin loaded with 4000 lbs of steel across the floor — don’t forget, it’s only paint.

Temporary Floor Lines

Temporary lines would be standard yellow traffic paint. These could last a reasonable amount of time, depending upon how much the lift truck operators drive over or drag & drop product on them. To get the greatest cost savings, the edges are not taped and the lines are simply sprayed onto the floor. The downside of a non-taped line is that there are no crisp edges on the line, and a long line, say over 75 feet, will have some unevenness to it since it is impossible for someone to make it 100% straight by eye.

Semi-Permanent Floor Lines

Semi-permanent lines would be high-gloss alkyds or epoxy paint. These last a good amount of time, and again it depends entirely upon the lift truck operators as to how long they will last. We usually see warehouse markings done with high gloss alkyds lasting in the 4 – 5 year range. You can go one step further and have the lines sealed with a clear urethane to extend their life, which is an inexpensive way to prolong the life by roughly 50%.

Permanent Floor Lines

Permanent lines would involve shot-blasting the floor first where the lines are to go. Shot-blasting is a method of preparation where small steel balls (shot) are propelled at the floor to strip off the top 8 – 12 mils of concrete, thus giving the floor a clean and roughened surface for the epoxy to bond to securely. The machine has a recycling vacuum system, so there is no dust or mess created. Additionally, an operator with a wheeled magnet captures any shot that has gone awry.

The blasted areas are sealed first with a clear epoxy then painted with safety yellow urethane. The urethane will permanently bond with the epoxy making it extremely difficult to scrape off, but always remember that it is paint, so if you drag a skid with nails protruding out of it over the floor, you will get scratches. Anything you do that can gouge or scrape the concrete can damage the lines. You can perform spot repairs if need be.


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