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We’re experienced in the painting of underground parking garages, including:

  • walls & ceilings
  • parking lines
  • pipes & hardware
  • floor sealers/toppings

You can make your underground look like new!

  • get as much as 517% more light by painting white
  • increase the safety and security of your tenants
  • your cleaning costs will be lower, painted concrete will not dust
  • your tenants will love the new brighter look
  • save money by decreasing energy costs, more light with less energy
  • comply to new lighting and signage bylaws
  • great value: our large-volume purchasing power passes the savings on to you

Lighting Requirements in Parking Garages

Managers should be aware that many municipalities require garage lighting to be updated based upon current codes. The current edition of the Building Code requires a minimum illumination level of 50 lux (4.6 foot-candles) within garages (measurements taken at the floor).

Painting is the most cost effective way to increase the lighting in an underground parking garage. It utilizes the combined reflectivity of a white surface to amplify the effect of a lighting unit. Your garage will become brighter — without the need for adding expensive additional lighting.

To determine how much light illuminates a surface, a measurement is taken using a hand-held light meter. It is measured in either foot-candles (fc), or lux, the metric equivalent. A foot-candle is 1 lumen of uniform illuminance falling over the area of 1 square foot. The metric equivalent to foot-candles is lux (1 lumen per square metre). To convert fc to lux, multiply the fc by 0.0929. To convert lux to fc, multiply the lux by 10.76.

Induspray currently offers free lighting audits so you can see what your real lighting measurements are, and get an estimate of the improvement you can expect by cleaning and painting. Contact us today to set up an appointment — there’s no obligation, and we will provide you with valuable advice.

CASE STUDY: Albion Road Townhouse Complex Underground

Built in the mid-70s. the underground garage had been previously painted but was now worn, stained, and very dark. Current light measurements showed average lighting of 117 lux. The owners were concerned about safety and security due to the lack of lighting. The underground was pressure washed to remove the dirt, and painted with a bright white finish carefully selected for use in underground garages. Subsequent after-painting light measurements yielded lighting readings of 325 lux, a significant improvement.

* all measurements in case study taken with a handheld light meter at the 4 foot level


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