Barrie, Ontario Industrial Painting Contractor Service

Induspray, a large industrial painting company, offers comprehensive services to the Barrie, Ontario region. Specializing in professional painting and the restoration of manufacturing plants, industrial buildings, factories, warehouses and commercial structures, we excel in both interior and exterior painting projects. Our expertise includes handling large-scale jobs that necessitate thorough cleaning, particularly for older facilities covered in old grime and grease. Additionally, we are proficient in spray painting corrugated metal deck ceilings.

Our scope of industrial restoration and painting projects encompasses:

  • large industrial buildings of all types
  • storage silos & tanks
  • machinery & manufacturing equipment
  • factories, manufacturing plants
  • chemical processing plants & refineries
  • fireproofing coatings
  • steel structures, bridges & cranes
  • water & sewage treatment plants
  • high-heat stacks & smoke stacks
  • secondary containment tanks

For commercial painting projects, we cater to:

  • warehouses & storage facilities
  • various large commercial buildings
  • underground parking garages
  • entertainment venues & arenas
  • apartment & condo buildings

Induspray delivers meticulous painting and refinishing services across all surfaces, including:

  • ceilings, including metal deck ceilings
  • metal/steel siding & aluminum siding
  • walls, concrete & cinder block walls
  • metal buildings & structural steel
  • epoxy floor coatings & epoxy floors
  • floor lines & markings, concrete floors
  • metal window frames & flashing
  • roofs & metal/steel roofs

Count on Induspray for top-quality craftsmanship and reliable service, ensuring exceptional results in every painting project we undertake.


Industrial Painting & Coating Systems

Induspray offers a wide selection of coatings tailored to meet the unique demands of each environment and client budget. Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction by reducing costs, extending the lifespan of paint coatings, and selecting the most suitable solutions for your site. Depending upon the specific requirements, we deploy coatings such as oil-based or latex paints, non-slip coatings, epoxies, enamels, high-adhesion coatings, dryfall paints, low VOC (low-emissions) coatings, fireproofing coatings, urethanes, polyurethanes, and more.

Each coating product is carefully chosen to match the surface type and local environmental conditions, ensuring optimal coating performance and durability. We factor in weather conditions and climatic influences specific to Barrie, Ontario to minimize project delays and ensure timely completion. Induspray is committed to delivering excellence in industrial painting services, where precision and quality craftsmanship are paramount.

Surface Preparation & Painting Techniques

At Induspray, we understand that the foundation of any successful painting project lies in meticulous surface prep. Achieving optimal adhesion ensures longevity and prevents costly rework. Our experienced team follows industry best practices to guarantee a solid, clean, and smooth surface before applying paint coatings. This upfront diligence minimizes the need for future revisions, saving both time and resources. We employ a range of proven methods such as sandblasting, steam cleaning, power washing, micro abrasion, chemical cleaning, ice blasting, shot blasting, and more, fine-tuned to the specific requirements of each project.

Our skilled painters utilize advanced techniques like airless spray painting to achieve superior results, ensuring strong bonding and minimizing corrective expenses. Each project undergoes a thorough assessment to determine the most effective application methods. Whether in Barrie or elsewhere in Southern Ontario, our professional painting contractors provide comprehensive industrial painting services, including coverage for elevated exteriors using specialized lifts for inaccessible areas. You can rest assured that your project will be completed safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards by choosing Induspray.


Barrie’s Premier Industrial & Commercial Painting Company

Since 1975, Induspray has been the leading choice for commercial and industrial painting contractors in Barrie, Ontario. Our team of skilled industrial painters is unmatched in delivering high-quality results across projects throughout Ontario and in Barrie. Backed by experienced project administrators and reliable suppliers, Induspray ensures that every project is completed to perfection, on schedule — and within budget.

Client Portfolio in Barrie, Ontario

Our exceptional reputation is backed up by a satisfied client base and our commitment to fair and accurate cost estimates. Induspray continues to successfully execute on a wide range of commercial and industrial painting projects in Barrie, including but not limited to: factories, storage facilities, manufacturing plants, large warehouses, silos, storage tanks, and various commercial/industrial buildings. Local references are available upon request, and some past clients include:

  • Barrie Welding & Machine
  • Western Mechanical
  • Georgian College

Annually, Induspray completes over a million square feet of industrial painting services, necessitating substantial paint procurement. Leveraging our significant purchasing volume, we secure unmatched discounts from material suppliers, which are directly passed on to our valued customers. While materials (paint/coatings) are typically the largest expense in any painting project, our dedication to cost-effectiveness all around ensures extremely competitive pricing for our clients.

Your project deserves the expertise of Barrie’s foremost industrial painters. Whether you’re comparing quotes or exploring options, Induspray is committed to assisting you. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your painting or recoating project needs. Our team will schedule a site visit if required, utilizing our professional insights and experience to tailor a detailed proposal and cost estimate that aligns with your specific painting requirements and budget. We offer free, no-obligation estimates as part of our commitment to exceptional service.

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Barrie, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local service area for professional painting in Barrie, Ontario, including Innisfil and Midhurst.

“Thank you Andy, the ceiling came out beautifully. You were correct, the brightness in our production area has gone way up, it seems like almost double the light level in here now! Hopefully we can get around to refinishing the epoxy floor soon if we can get the budget. We will keep your company in mind for that for sure."
"This is just a note of appreciation for the repainting work on our warehouse ceiling. I cannot believe how well the spray painting process went. The new paint looks great and we could not be happier with the results. We can recommend your company to those looking for painters in Barrie. Thank you again."
"Induspray did an outstanding job for our company. The work crews were friendly and professional, always maintained a clean work area, and worked around our schedule to complete the job without impacting production. The quality of the work performed was exceptional, far better than I've experienced in the past with similar projects. It was a real pleasure working with Induspray, and I would assign them a top rating overall."

Barrie, Ontario Industrial Painters

Barrie, Ontario, Canada, is situated about 90 kilometres north of Toronto on the shores of Lake Simcoe. It has a population of roughly 154,000, and is home to heavy and light manufacturing companies, plus commercial warehouses. The area is serviced by several commercial and industrial painting contractors, including Induspray.