Milton, Ontario Industrial Painting Contractors

Induspray is proud to serve the Milton, Ontario area with specialized industrial painting services. As a professional painting contractor, we employ experienced crews who focus on the restoration, painting, and cleaning of older commercial and industrial buildings. Our services have revitalized the interiors and exteriors of numerous industrial buildings, factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and commercial buildings. We take pride in tackling the biggest projects, and view the restoration of older, unsound, and heavily-soiled facilities as a welcome challenge. The dirtier, greasier, and more worn out, the better! We also offer expert spray painting of fluted metal decks. Large jobs are our specialty.

Industrial painting & restoration projects:

  • large industrial buildings
  • manufacturing plants & factories
  • storage tanks & silos
  • machinery, manufacturing equipment
  • refineries, chemical processing plants
  • steel structures, bridges, cranes
  • secondary containment tanks
  • smoke stacks, high-heat stacks
  • water & sewage treatment plants

Commercial restoration & painting projects:

  • large commercial buildings
  • underground parking garages
  • arenas & entertainment venues
  • warehouses, storage facilities
  • apartment/condominium buildings

Refinishing, painting & restoration of all surfaces:

  • ceilings, metal deck ceilings,
  • walls, concrete & cinder block walls
  • concrete floors, floor lines & markings
  • aluminum siding, metal/steel siding
  • roofs, steel/metal roofs
  • metal/steel buildings, structural steel
  • epoxy floor coatings, epoxy floors
  • metal window frames, flashing


Painting, Recoating & Surface Prep Techniques

A clean, solid surface underneath an area that is to be painted is always required, and hence it must be properly prepared. Suitable surface preparation must be utilized in order for the paint and coating to adequately stick to the surface. If this is not completed, the job will surely fail over time and will require being done over, which can greatly increase the overall project costs in order to fix it. Induspray strongly believes the job should be done right the first time, and takes the necessary steps in order to make sure that surfaces are ready for any painting or coating. A number of prep techniques are utilized, depending upon the situation, to properly prepare the surface for the coating stage. Some of the methods used include: pressure water washing, mechanically shotblasting surfaces, solvent cleaning, hot water washing, steam cleaning, CO2 cleaning, abrasion, aggregate blasting, plus others.

Induspray’s team of professionally-trained and skilled painters have the expertise needed to apply coatings properly. One of the methods that they are especially knowledgeable in is industrial-level airless spray painting. Depending upon each project scenario, the painting techniques are carefully planned in order to produce optimum results. As industrial painting professionals, we perform painting work in the Milton area at many industrial sites. These often include interiors that have areas that are difficult to reach, or exteriors which are high. Induspray’s painting crews utilize appropriate lifts, booms and other access equipment in order to safely and effectively reach such areas in order to complete our painting projects.

Industrial/Commercial Paint & Coating Systems

High-performance coatings and paint are all that we use at Induspray, and we have a wide array to select from. We determine which is best for each job based upon its expected lifespan, the local environmental conditions, and the customer’s budget. Upon analysis of the project, we choose from a variety of types to use including: urethanes, alkyd coatings, fireproof coatings, latex coatings, epoxies, quick dry paints, enamels, polyurethanes, high-adhesion coatings, LEEDS-certified coatings, rust-inhibiting coatings, and slip-resistant coatings. We choose the paint system for the job that will provide the best performance, while also being cost-effective. We carefully analyze the situation further for exterior projects, which must stand up to the sometimes harsh climate and weather conditions experienced in the Milton, Ontario area.


Milton Commercial Painters / Industrial Painters

Induspray is leading the way for commercial and industrial painting contractors in Milton, Ontario. Since 1975, Induspray has employed the best industrial painters in the business to tackle all types of painting projects across Southern Ontario. Induspray’s exceptional project administrators, highly capable painters, and outstanding suppliers ensure your project is finished properly, on time, and within budget.

Clients in Milton, Ontario

Proof of our work reputation is reflected in our happy clients, thanks to our standing in the industry and fair cost estimates and invoices. Induspray continues to complete a number of commercial painting projects in and near Milton. Work sites include, but are not limited to: factories, storage facilities, warehouses, storage silos, manufacturing plants, storage tanks, industrial buildings, and more. Induspray can provide you with local references as needed. Past local clients include:

  • Maxi Mix
  • Permacon
  • Roxul
  • Consumers Glass
  • Karmax

Industrial Painting Prices & Costs

Induspray completes over a million square feet of industrial painting each year, and this requires a lot of paint, supplies, and other materials. Because our suppliers know we purchase large amounts of paint, we receive a discount for high-volume purchases. Typically a project’s greatest expense is supplies/materials. We care about our customers, and it shows by us passing on much of the savings to them.

Your painting project deserves to be completed by the best industrial/commercial painters in Milton. If you are comparing prices and choices, we’d be glad to assist you. An Induspray representative will carefully examine and consider your project needs, and additionally schedule a jobsite appointment if required. Induspray will then use our professional judgment and experience to prepare a proposal with an optimized price estimate, plus options that are custom-fit to your unique painting project needs. Free, zero-obligation estimates are included as part of our services, so why not give us a call today?

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Milton, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local Milton service area includes Greater Milton plus Willmott, Dorset Park, and Campbellville Ontario.

“We are most impressed by your recent work repainting our warehouse and production space. The entire job went smoothly, and we are highly pleased with the end result. Not only is our facility cleaner and brighter, but it's now safer.”
"Thank you again for painting our Milton facility. The project was finished on time and very efficiently. We will definitely call on you the next time we need some painting done."
"It's refreshing to see a painting contractor company that actually shows up on time. From our initial phone consult to your site visit with me, I felt that you not only knew what you were talking about, but also cared about our needs and completing the project on time. That's exactly what happened, and you clearly delivered on all counts. Many thanks to your entire team for a job well done."

Milton, Ontario Professional Painters

With a diverse population of approximately 135,000, Milton ON is located west of Toronto in Southern Ontario. It’s home to a number of businesses/industries, including light and heavy manufacturing, plus warehousing and distribution. The area is served by several industrial/commercial painting contractors, including Induspray.