Industrial Painting Contractors in Welland, Ontario

Our company, Induspray, performs industrial painting in the area in and around Welland, Ontario. Contractors from Induspray are highly experienced, qualified, and willing to adapt and bring in needed resources in order to meet any commercial/industrial painting needs. Induspray is capable of completing the largest projects, including both extensive exterior and interior painting jobs. Older buildings or warehouses that require the removal of dirt, dust, or other soiled materials are also services which our company provides. We also spray paint Q decks and large metal ceilings.

Industrial painting and restoration projects:

  • silos, storage tanks
  • industrial buildings
  • manufacturing plants, factories
  • machinery, manufacturing equipment
  • smoke stacks, high-heat stacks
  • chemical processing plants, refineries
  • steel structures, bridges, cranes
  • water & sewage treatment plants
  • secondary containment tanks

Commercial painting projects:

  • warehouses, storage facilities
  • commercial buildings
  • underground parking garages
  • apartment/condominium buildings
  • arenas, entertainment venues

Painting and refinishing of all surfaces:

  • metal buildings, structural steel
  • ceilings, metal deck ceilings
  • walls, concrete & cinder block walls
  • aluminum siding, metal/steel siding
  • roofs, metal/steel roofs
  • epoxy floors, epoxy floor coatings
  • metal window frames, flashing
  • concrete floors, floor lines & markings


Surface Preparation & Painting Techniques

Proper surface preparation is critical for a good finished paint job. If the surface is not solid or clean, then it hinders the ability for the coatings or paint to adhere correctly to it. This would result in increased expenses to have it done again to correct any problems. Induspray uses the proper techniques to prepare surfaces, so that it will be done right the first time. The techniques Induspray feels are the best to do surface preparation include: high pressure and hot water washing, abrasive blasting, steam cleaning, degreasing, cryogenic cleaning, shotblasting, and several others which have proven effective in the field.

Our crews of professional contracted painters are fully trained in utilizing all different methods of applying coatings such as airless spray painting, rolling and more. Each situation is carefully analyzed in order to choose the optimal painting technique for the best outcome. These professionals work in the Welland ON area in numerous scenarios, which may include the coating or painting of exteriors that are high up or interiors that are hard to access. The painters also utilize various lifts and aerial work platforms to access all areas within these facilities and to complete site jobs properly and safely.

Industrial Paint & Coating Systems

High-performance coatings are utilized by Induspray and there is a large array to select from, each calling for a unique type of application. Induspray contracted painters also choose the selected coatings based on cost and the length of time for which it will hold up on the surfaces in question. Products that might be used include: latex coatings, alkyd paints, polyurethanes, urethanes, epoxies, environmentally-friendly coatings, enamels, dryfog paints, high-adhesion coatings, and enhanced-traction coatings. Our professionals pair up the type of paint or coating needed in order to make sure that the job is completed correctly and to budget. We also take into account the extreme climate of Welland when completing exterior projects and choosing materials.


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Welland Industrial Painters / Commercial Painters

When searching for suitable commercial painters and industrial paint contractors, Induspray is the top choice in contractors serving the Welland Ontario area. For over 40 years, we’ve gained a lot of experience with industrial and commercial painting projects and can handle anything. We focus on having highly skilled crew members, effective project management, and a group of partners and suppliers we have networked with, all to ensure that we can provide optimal results in a timely manner.

Client List for Welland, Ontario

Testimonials from prior clients who have been satisfied are our proof that we offer prices that are reasonable and top-quality workmanship. Our company has completed a wide variety of painting projects within the Welland, ON area including: warehouses, factories, manufacturing buildings, silos, storage tanks, industrial buildings, and more. We have the references to prove it and our client list of locals includes:

  • Lakeside Steel
  • Power Blades
  • John Deere
  • Henniges Automotive

Industrial Painting Pricing & Costs

We redo millions of square feet of painted and coated surfaces on an annual basis which results in the use of a large volume of supplies. Due to Induspray purchasing these products in mass quantities, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. While the cost of materials is usually a large expense to our customers, we are still able to offer top quality paints and coating systems thanks to our purchasing power, resulting in a lower overall project costs.

When researching industrial painting companies for a painting project in Welland, you’ll want to look at all options, including cost. We are more than happy to provide assistance by carefully assessing your needs, and arranging a personal on-site meeting and assessment if necessary. We then follow up with specific professional recommendations and an optimized cost estimate to best accommodate your job requirements. This estimate and recommendations are free of charge, and we hope that you allow Induspray to provide them.

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Welland, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local Welland service area includes Greater Welland plus nearby Brookfield, Fonthill, Fort Erie, Pelham, Port Colborne and Wainfleet located in the Municipality of Niagara, Ontario.

“From the initial consultation, to quote, and to the post-job follow up, Induspray has proven to be an excellent painting company and we would definitely use them again. Keep up the fantastic work Andy and the same for your entire team of painters.”
"We appreciate the like new ceilings and epoxied concrete floors that your painting team has provided in our plant. From the first job site walk-through, your attentiveness and responsiveness showed that we were working with an A+ company. I look forward to working with you again in the future."
"The Induspray crew worked through nights and weekends to meet our restrictive production schedule. The job was completed in a professional matter and on time. All of the prep, painting, and clean-up was done with skilled workmanship and the highest quality materials and that best fit our budget. Yes, we recommend this company for painting in Welland or anywhere in the GTA for that matter."

Painters in Welland, Ontario

Welland ON is located south of Toronto and across Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario. It has a population of approximately 60,000 and is home to numerous businesses and industries, including light/heavy manufacturing companies, plus the Welland Canal. The area is serviced by several industrial/commercial painting contractors.