Industrial Painting Contractors in Durham Region, Ontario

If you have a large building, such as a manufacturing plant, warehouse, factory, or any commercial or industrial building, that requires a major interior or exterior overhaul, you should contact a specialized painting contractor for a complete transformation. Induspray offers industrial painting services throughout the Durham Region, Ontario area.

Our skilled team of painting contractors are experts in their field, tackling large tasks with professionalism and safety. Whether your facility requires interior or exterior painting or coating, Induspray has you covered. We excel at preparing buildings, turning even the most aged and contaminated facilities into revitalized spaces. Additionally, we specialize in the spray painting of galvanized deck ceilings.

Industrial painting and building restoration:

  • industrial buildings (our specialty)
  • factories, manufacturing plants
  • chemical processing plants, refineries
  • steel structures, bridges, cranes
  • water & sewage treatment plants
  • secondary containment tanks
  • smoke stacks, high-heat stacks
  • storage silos, storage tanks
  • manufacturing equipment & machines

Commercial painting projects:

  • large commercial buildings
  • warehouses, storage facilities
  • arenas, entertainment venues
  • underground parking garages
  • apartment/condominium buildings

All surfaces painting and refinishing:

  • walls, concrete & cinder block walls
  • aluminum siding, metal/steel siding
  • concrete floors, floor lines & markings
  • ceilings, metal deck ceilings
  • roofs, steel/metal roofs
  • window frames, flashing
  • metal buildings, structural steel
  • floors, epoxy floors, epoxy coatings


Surface Prep & Painting Methods

For any industrial or commercial painting project, achieving optimal results hinges on proper surface preparation. Ensuring that the surface is clean and well-prepared is crucial for the paint or coating to adhere effectively. Without this foundation, the final outcome will likely fall short, necessitating costly rework. At Induspray, we prioritize doing the job right the first time, employing a variety of surface preparation methods tailored to each specific situation. Our techniques include sand blasting, high-pressure washing, hot water washing, abrasion, cryogenic cleaning, steam cleaning, metal bead blasting, aggregate blasting, and solvent cleaning, among others.

Our team of professional industrial painting contractors at Induspray is skilled in various application methods, including industrial airless spray-painting. We carefully select the appropriate technique for each project to ensure the best possible results. Operating throughout the Durham Region in Ontario, our crews are adept at accessing hard-to-reach interior areas and tall exterior points. We use scissor lifts and mechanized booms to safely and accurately reach these challenging spots.

Industrial Painting & Coating Systems

Induspray utilizes a wide range of high-performance paints and coating systems tailored to each project’s specific needs, budget, and required durability. We consider each unique situation to select the most suitable coating options, including enamels, urethanes, fireproofing coatings, polyurethanes, high-adhesion coatings, enhanced traction paints, epoxies, green paints, corrosion-inhibiting coatings, quick-dry coatings, acrylic latex paints, and oil-based paints. To ensure maximum performance and cost-efficiency, we carefully evaluate each technique and coating system.

In Durham Region and Southern Ontario generally, we also factor in harsh weather conditions (cold, heat, snow, etc.) when planning and executing exterior jobs, ensuring that our coatings withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection. Contact us now for a free quote!


Durham, Ontario Industrial Painters / Commercial Painters

About Induspray

As a trusted choice for industrial and commercial painting projects within the Durham Region, Ontario, Induspray has been serving the area since 1975. Over the years, we’ve gained extensive experience in various industrial painting scenarios, allowing our crews to execute projects efficiently and effectively. Our success is driven by effective project management, skilled professional painters, and a strong network of suppliers and industry partners, ensuring timely and successful project completion.

Client List for Durham Region, Ontario

Having completed numerous commercial and industrial painting jobs, Induspray has built a large portfolio of satisfied clients. Their testimonials about our work quality and budget-friendly prices have helped us maintain a strong reputation and grow our business. We can provide local references for the Durham area, covering various industrial and commercial painting project scenarios, including: large industrial buildings, warehouses, large factories, manufacturers, silos, storage tanks, commercial venues, and warehousing/distribution facilities. Some of our local clients include:

  • AGS Automotive Systems
  • General Motors
  • JJ McGuire
  • The University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Industrial Painting Costs & Prices

Due to the large volume of work we undertake, refinishing millions of square feet with paint and coatings annually, we are able to secure the lowest possible wholesale pricing with suppliers. This results in significantly lower costs compared to our competitors. We pass most of these savings on to our customers, resulting in lower total project costs.

When searching for the best painting contractor in the Durham Region, please consider Induspray. One of our representatives will gladly answer any questions regarding your project requirements, and can visit your job site as needed. From there, we can provide an accurate, written cost estimate with sound recommendations tailored to your project specifics. This service is always completely free, and without any obligation.

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Durham Region, Ontario industrial painting service area

Our local Durham Region service area includes the entire Durham area including Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, Uxbridge, Port Perry, and Bowmanville, in Ontario.

“The repainting of our entire facility located in Durham was completed ahead of schedule, and incredibly, at a final price exactly as quoted. Many thanks to your entire crew, we are extemely pleased with the outcome!”
"After a long search, we chose Induspray because they seemed to have the best combination of experience, reputation, and price. They were priced about 20% lower than the next competitor's quote, and we're completely satisfied with the work. Would use again if we ever need more painting done."
"I am writing to you just to let you know how much I (and we) appreciate your recent painting work on our building. You exceeded our expectations and the end result is most impressive. Our plant manager seems very happy and had no issues with any of it -- and that is a very good sign."

Durham Region, Ontario Painters

Durham Region (aka The Regional Municipality of Durham), is located in Southern Ontario in the eastern GTA. Home to an extraordinary range of businesses and industries, it boasts a diverse population of approximately 700,000. The area is serviced by several industrial painting contractors, including Induspray Inc.